The eternal Barcelona – Top Historical Attractions In Barcelona This Year

The city exploded by the Olympics in 1992 and since then it experienced a fabulous boom. Today, Barcelona aspires to the title fame in the areas of dramatic arts, business, cuisine and design. Among the sights and attractions in Barcelona, we can include the Roman ruins, but also the modern contemporary architecture, with a sufficient dose of gothic and modernist. Great artists of the twentieth century such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Antoni Tapies, each have their museum. For the tourists, the best starting place to visit all the sights and attractions is the Barri Gotic (the Gothic Quarter), where the cathedral, the palaces and the museums are as a painting which depicts the Catalan spirit.

This year too, Barcelona was one of the most visited cities in Europe. Tourists from all over the world have considered that this city, full of history, is the ideal place for their vacation. Let’ s see the most visited historical attractions in Barcelona this year.

The Cathedral La Seu
The imposing facade and the bell tower of this cathedral may seem Gothic, but in fact, it dates from the nineteenth century. Behind the cathedral, in the first chapel, is the grave of Ramon d’Escal Count of Barcelona, sculpted by Antoni Canetin in 1409. Not less than 29 side chapels are bordering the nave and the apse, almost each of them with an interesting piece of altar. Here is the great „Capella del Santissim Sagrament”, whose crucifix dates from the sixteenth century.Around this crucifix there are a lot of legends.One of them says that the crucifix was worn on the ship of Don Juan of Austria in the Battle of Lepanto.

The Arch of Triumph
The Arch of Triumph in Barcelona is a triumphal arch built from colored brick in Mudejar style – a specific Moorish architectural style.The Arch, designed by the Catalan architect Josep Vilaseca, is decorated with a large number of statues and bas reliefs. The unique Arch of Triumph from Barcelona was built for the Universal Exposition in the 1888, which took place in Parc de la Ciutadella. The Arch of Triumph located at the end of a wide promenade, served as the main entrance to the exhibition.

Casa Batllo
This is another Gaudi’s architectural masterpiece dating from 1905, Casa Batlló is located on the same avenue as La Pedrera. The house is open to the public, and the façade is remarkable by the absence of straight lines and corners. This house is designed to represent the legend of Saint George (patron of Catalonia). The balconies are protected by skulls and bones similar to the vertebral column, which represents victims of the dragon. The roof is like the dragon’s hunched back .Casa Batlo was and is definitely a major historical attraction of Barcelona.

Mayor Synagogue
One of the oldest synagogues in Europe is located in the center of Barcelona, in the old Jewish district, and it is known as the Mayor Synagogue. For centuries this place of worship has been used for various purposes, but it was closely related to the bloodiest day in the history of the Jewish community in Barcelona – August 5, 1931, when they were killed. It seems that this year, the Mayor Synagogue was a tourist attraction visited by many people.